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MINDS AT WAR team operate in the UK within a network of veterans groups to provide a safety net for those most vulnerable due to the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, a war wound that is invisible and seemingly overlooked by the Government & MOD, yet it claims the lives of suffering veterans on a daily basis worldwide.

Associated groups like “Service Mums Family and Friends” and “All Call Signs” form part of our veterans support network that shares information about missing veterans or those in dire need of support against suicidal inclinations.  Minds At War operate a 24 hour emergency help line where our first response operators offer immediate support and advice, which is backed up by rapid response to emergency situations, with volunteers ready to drive direct to anyone in need of a personal visit, or to form part of a search party to locate missing veterans presumed at risk. We offer veteran to veteran unconditional support and empathy to calm any immediate breakdown or talk down a suicidal brother or sister, and then ongoing support and signposting to fully qualified therapists specialist in combat PTSD.

Currently the whole team works on a voluntary basis to provide this vital service and we are in the process of formalising the team into a registered organisation with charitable status. Please support our work by sharing our posts, website and fundraising appeals.

On our website we share news from around the world relating to military PTSD and veterans affairs including information and updates on all the various therapies evolving in different parts of the world. America has evolved much further it seems in the treatment of PTSD and in the way it is handled by the government as they have a much bigger casualty rate with the widely accepted number of 22 veterans per day on average taking their own lives due to PTSD and related mental health issues. We hope that therapists, support organisations and governments from around the world can benefit from our exposure of the information we find on the subject.

We happily work with all veterans groups that have the same common purpose to support our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. This massive problem leaves no room for glory hunters and personal ego’s so you will often also see us promote other veterans support groups and organisations on our website as our prime objective is to help veterans above all else.



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Minds At War – Page                  https://www.facebook.com/MindsAtWar

You can visit our public Facebook page where you can like and follow us to keep up to date on veterans issues, and particularly our work in supporting vulnerable veterans suffering PTSD


Minds At War – UK Veterans Support Group                    https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindsatwar

You can apply to join our closed group for veterans and their families, therapists, and anyone that wants to be deeper involved in supporting our hero veterans.


Minds At War – PTSD sufferers & therapists chat group            https://www.facebook.com/groups/2047400708883911/

You can apply to join our closed group for those suffering PTSD where you can meet and chat to fellow veterans who are also suffering the same, and our team of therapists and support volunteers. You are not alone.


Minds At War –  PTSD wives & families & therapists chat group        https://www.facebook.com/groups/412228082650215/

You can apply to join our closed group for wives and families to meet and chat with other families affected by PTSD, and our team of therapists and support volunteers. You are not alone.


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